Indulging My Sweet Tooth

Earlier this week I decided Election2012 trumped the post I’m about to write, so this is a bit late, but still just as delicious.

Last weekend in Antibes (about 25 km southwest of Nice) was the 39e Salon du Sucre et du Chocolat, which translates roughly to “heaven.”  Imagine getting some of the best candy and chocolate makers on the Cote d’Azur together in one room with free chocolate samples and demonstrations.  Now add some of those sugar and chocolate sculptures like they make in those Food Network Competitions.  Now add an entry fee of just 2 euros!  Plus the smell of chocolate.  That was my Saturday afternoon 🙂

In Antibes, I joined Isabelle, who I met at an “expat” meetup, and two of her friends for the Chocolate Expo.  When we went in, the first thing we saw was a table of spectacular sugar and chocolate sculptures, which were mostly Olympic-themed.  As we were walking around looking at the sculptures I was talking about how I’d seen all this stuff on the Food Network and they were really impressed with how much I knew.  I guess watching too much TV pays off hahahah.

Here are some of the sculptures:


Then we walked around and saw some of the demonstrations and sampled some of the chocolate.  One chef was making a pulled sugar rose.

Another was pouring liquid sugar into molds.

There was also a baking demonstration where two chefs made a parfait of strawberries, mascarpone cheese filling, and pistachio crumbles that smelled so good!

And I’d never had a macaroon before and they’re in every pastry shop in France, so I decided to try my first one– coffee flavored.  Delicious 🙂


After we made one round, we went back around again!



And Isabelle took my picture with the Eiffel Tower! 🙂

Overall, a great afternoon.


Our French word this time is:
péché mignon (PAY-shay MEEN-yon)- literally “cute sin,” it means guilty pleasure
Le chocolat et “Keeping up with the Kardashians” sont mes péchés mignons.
Chocolate and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” are my guilty pleasures.

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